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Nick chats to Alana from Haim about their forthcoming co-host with Zane Lowe!

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nick and Alana on their engagement.


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Nick gives a shoutout to his little godson with some questionable lions.
SO CUTE (08.07.2014)

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Nick, Matt and Fiona decide on their wedding music. As you do.

Also Nick wants to get married in a giant egg. Because he is Nick.


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catch me like a cold
~4.7k, pretty much not!fic

This all started because I was wandering Southbank and saw an adorable busker and screamed to Aly/wardowedidit ‘What if Harry was a busker though? Think about it.’ And this is kind of how our texts end up going.

ESSENTIALLY THIS IS TOTAL NOT!FIC SO yeah sorry about that. Please suspend your disbelief and ignore the lack of plot but – ENJOY and stuff? :D

Warnings for ridiculousness, POV change halfway through and dissention into conversation instead of real fic at regular intervals.

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Questiongryles 9 or 11 PLEASE. Answer


#9 soulmate markings o shit 

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So I was going through my drafts today and found this, from ages ago as a follow up to this thing about why Harry has moved to LA. More of my usual, coming out, angst, happy endings. It got away from be a bit, as I tried to complete a 700 word notfic and ended up with 2700 words of ficish things.


We’re not talking about Harry’s first publicly acknowledged boyfriend. Or how they come out, at the end of what they boys have already said is their last tour. They’re playing LA for a week, shows every night, as a final farewell.

They’d met at a party at the start of the American leg, he’s some son of a producer or executive, and he’s cute and funny and Harry’s own age, which makes him an easy sell to the publicist.

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02/07/14 - Düsseldorf Esprit Arena

Niam during You & I in Dusseldort, Germany 7/2’14

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Harry playing with a heart-shaped balloon in Dusseldorf (x)

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Daisy Lowe was on the show today - cue chat of spooning, delicious balls and ordering Nick some fancy French thongs. (02.07.2014)

'My dearest Grimmy-bear, 
I love those sweet cheeks more than sunshine and I can’t wait to frolic in the fields with you this summer, in your new goodies!
Love, Daisy’

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